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Andre joffroy

CEO - Founder

Experienced business and Real Estate entrepreneur who is known for having a strong vision, setting hard goals, meeting expectations and executing when the time is right. 

His vision as the principal and founder of Vanderbuild was to open a US based development company focused Top quality projects with development partners best in its class. His track record includes overseeing development and investments multiple asset classes, ranging from Industrial, Mix use, and Multifamily projects. 

Prior to joining Vanderbuild he lead Joffroy Group Family office Real Estate Development and investment arm. Although Andre’s time has been spent mostly in the Real Estate sector, forming an integral part of his family’s board and family office has only widened his understanding of global markets, its changes, trends and opportunities in a wide range of industries.

gustavo mazon

CFO - Founder

CEO and Board member with more than 10-year experience in real estate, healthcare, industrial, hospitality and food service industries in northwestern Mexico and southwestern United States in his personal Holding Company and as President of his family office.


Extensive experience in the financial field, investor, strategist and business developer. His wide range of business endeavors have allowed him to develop a get things done work mindset.

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